farrah tax advisory consultation button Farrah Tax Advisory Group was founded in Colorado in 1995 by Dennis Farrah. We provide financial planning, financial investment management, retirement planning, estate planning and tax preparation services in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Retirement Planning

Creating a plan for a happy, stress-free retirement is one of the most important plans you will make in your lifetime. We start by establishing your retirement income goal and gathering information about your available and likely sources of retirement income. Our goal at Farrah Tax Advisory Group is to help you set aside enough money during your working years to provide…

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is defined as the process of planning for the orderly administration and disposition of assets after the owner dies. While we are alive, we spend most of our time worrying about making a decent living. “Can we buy a new house? A new car? What about…

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 Financial Planning

Farrah Tax Advisory Group provides you a full line of financial planning for business and personal needs, estate planning, retirement planning in Denver and Colorado Springs areas. You can contact our financial advisor for all your financial planning needs including…

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